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Jay Dods MMA record 9 - 1 . Began training in Aikido as a child with his father Rik Ellis UK1 MMA light heavweight champion - and his grandfather Henry Ellis 6th dan Aikikai Shihan - At the age of fifteen Jay started kickboxing - at sixteen he moved into MMA with Rik Ellis joining Sol Rajah's " Prize Fighters Team " - Jay now 18 yrs old, also trains with Nick `headhunter`Chapman where he is now a junior coach at the celebrated "Fight Science Gym" in Aldershot Hants UK.

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Mike Maroudas vs Jay Dods.

IFC MMA  October 6th - Jay Dods - UK - defeated - Mike Maroudas - of South Africa in the second round. - Jay Dods 6-0 un-defeated.

Jay Dods 18 yrs of age with a 7 - 0 unbeaten MMA record - invites you to train with him. Fight Science - Classes every Wednesday 6 to 7 pm .

British Light weight Semi-Pro MMA Title 

Jay `Prodigy` Dods - UK - vs - Pavel Famel - Poland

Jay won the fight and the title in 56 seconds of the first round with a devastating  knock out that had the large crowd on their feet as this young man who only turned 18 two weeks ago beat the 30 yr old Polish fighter. This was Jays 5th straight first round win as a semi-pro fighter. Jay is a student of both Aikido and MMA.

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Jay is a full time assistant to Nick `headhunter`Chapman and coach at the awesome new "Fight Science Gym" Aldershot

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