Sunday, 25 December 2011

Video - "MMA Prospects - Young Guns - Jay - Prodigy - Dods"

American video of up and coming MMA Prospects -  Featuring Jay Dods 4th video in at 7min - 45secs.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Great News !! Fight Science Gym Opening.- Aldershot. Hampshire. 17th December

Fight Science Gym - Nick`headhunter`Chapman makes his dream a reality.
"Fitness Training"~"Fitness Conditioning"~"MMA/Cage"~ "All Martial Arts"..Open Day 17th December - Come along on our open day.We want to see you there.

The new " Fight Science Gym " will be open to the public on Saturday 17th of December. This gym will be the largest and the best equipped gym in the UK. Training the complete combat athlete with all that one can imagine. Large Judo mat area for all training and martial arts. Large cage for training and getting the feel of the real atmosphere of MMA - Cage Fighting.
Details on applying for membership to be added soon.
Large car park for members with a massive gym to match.

For membership information contact Nick Chapman.
Tel: 07833 512960

Maida Gym - Hospital Road -GU11 2BT

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Jay Dods - 72 seconds frirst round - MMA / Cage Fight Night October 15th

UK1 Fight Night MMA / Cage
15th October 2011 - Jay Dods Ellis vs Pavel Famel

Jay won his fourth fight last night at the ` Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth `-

Jay fought Pavel Famel a 30 year old Polish fighter - Jay quicly took his opponent to the ground and choked him out to gain another first round win.
Jay wishes to thank all those supporters that travelled to Portsmouth and to all those that sent their best wishes for what was a great night. To top this off Rik Ellis was in devastating form to win in 62 seconds of the first round against another top tough East European.
Jay proved that he is not just a excellent striker but also proved his ground game is improving...Jay fighting out of ` Prize Fighters Gym ` Farnborough - ` Fight Science Gym ` Guildford with Rik Ellis and Nick Chapman.

Click Poster to Enlarge UK1 MMA Fight Night - Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth UK October 15th 2011...
UK1 - A Grant Waterman Event Fight Night Spectacular

This is a big night for Rik Ellis and his son Jay who are on the same fight night.

Rik hammer Ellis MMA / Aikido ~ ~ ~ Jay Dods Ellis MMA / Aikido

Rik Ellis is fighting an East European fighter and Jay will be facing his biggest challenge todate
For more information: email
For instant ticket bookings phone Rik Ellis on Mobile: 07707520292

Mountbatten Centre - Alexandra Park - Portsmouth - PO2 9QA
Doors open 7pm ~ ~ First Fight 7-30pm


Jay Dods 17 yrs Aikido MMA vs Ben Alp 24 yrs MMA K1

Jay Dods ``just` 17 yrs - third straight win in 71 seconds of the first round.Professional Video - A Grant Waterman Event - July 2nd 2011 - Mountbatten Arena Portsmouth UK. Jay fighting out of " Fight Science Gym" and " Prize Fighters Gym ".

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Jay Dods interview with MMA Prospects UK - Three Generations of Martial Arts

Interview with Jay Dods - Visit ` MMA Prospects UK ` for a new interview article with Rik Ellis on his adaptation of Aikido in to his MMA..There is also an interview with Rik's father Henry Ellis on his thoughts on MMA..Click for interview ->MMA Prospects UK

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jay Dods MMA - Cage ~ Welcome to my site.

UK1 MMA Fight Night 2nd July 2011

Fight Gyms - PrizeFighters - Fight Science - Sponsors

Click Photos to enlarge.


Jay Dods (17yrs) - knocked out Ben Alp (24yrs) in the first round of what can only be described as a spectacular fight in which his class dominated from the bell.Jay put his opponent down three times in less that a minute..
There was further success for ` Nick headhunter Chapman ` who won the UK1 MMA Light Heavyweight title - Successes for the `Prize Fighters Gym` & ` Fight Science Gym ` Fight video to be added soon.. Special thanks to Jay's sponsor Nick Chapman

My fight was at the awesome venue " The Mountbatten Centre " Portsmouth UK..Saturday 2nd-July-2011..

The fight will be on Sky TV - this was my biggest challenge to date as a sixteen year old fighter - my opponent was Ben Alp a 24 yr old soldier who has recently been fighting in Afghanistan. Ben is known to donate his fight money to "Help for Heroes" charity.

I would like to thank `Prize Fighters Gym` - ` Fight Science Gym` - for their faith and trust in me.


Left: Rik Ellis ~ Alex Reid ~ Jay Dods........Right: Nigel Whittier ~ Jay Dods ~ Rik Ellis

Jay Dods - A brief bio.
Jay Dods is just 16 yrs of age. At the age of 7 yrs he began Aikido in the junior section of the Bracknell Dojo of the "Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido" - After several years of study Jay now 14 yrs followed the path of Rik Ellis in to MMA - Jay began his MMA training at the Frimley Budokan with Alex Reid. Another move would take him to the famous "Prize Fighters Gym" in Farnborough UK under the instuction of Sol Rajah.
As Jay progressed as a boy training on an equal basis with men such as `Nigel - pitbull - Whittier and Rik - hammer - Ellis, Jay was progressing very well - His potential was noted by one of Britains top fighters ` Nick - headhunter - Chapman`.
Nick runs the "Fight Science Gym" Guildford UK. Jay has alreday achieved what many long term fighters would wish for - ". Jay has a successful unbeaten fight record to date. Jay has fought on the same fight card as the British champion ` Tom - kong - Watson.
Jay is the son of Rik Ellis who is a recognised UK MMA / Cage fighter and a black belt in Aikido - Jays grandfather is Henry Ellis Sensei 6th dan AikiKai Hombu - International teacher of Aikido with schools in the UK and the USA - He is also a pioneer of British Aikido from its inception to the UK in the 1950s.

Fight-Science Complete Conditioning for Combat Athletes - Click Here Fight-Science


Jay Dods with Selected Students at the " Nick headhunter Chapman " Seminar.


Jay Dods vs Tyrone Trivet
Left: Dave ODonnell - Jay Dods ----------------------Sol Rajah - Jay - Nick Chapman.
Jay Dods 16 yrs - vs - Tyrone Trivet 18yrs - Fight Night Portsmouth UK Feb 2011. Jay Dods wins with a knockout in 27 seconds of the first round..Jays original opponent had to pull out a couple of weeks before the fight, Jay was offered 18 yr old Tyrone Trivet as a replacement, Jay un-phazed accepted the challenge of an older fighter.

Jay Dods 16 yrs vs Louie Morgan 16 yrs. The fight goes the distance and Jay wins by unanimous decision.


Jay Dods first public competitive fight.

Jay Dods was the clear winner of this fight - his opponent had his father as refree and it was declared as a draw...


British Aikido Origins from 1955 - Narration & Movie Slide-Show by Henry Ellis


British Aikido Board - Jack Poole Controversy Slide Show

The Betrayal of British Budo